Facebook Sucks


Facebook has gone to crap! They have banned me, which I am sure it is from all my complaints about spamming my news feed with suggestions. Not only does that piss me off, the constant suggestions on side bar, people I may know (which I don’t). Facebook has turned from having a great site that focuses on friends and family having a way to stay in touch, to who has most non-friends, and most likes. Lets face facts, so many people have huge friends lists, and the mass majority of those, they don’t even know, let alone even read the posts from them. And WHAT is this automatic video playing crap! So now we are forced to watch videos even if we would normally just bypass them? Hey facebook, when I click the little x next to a suggestions, that means I am NOT interested! Stop showing me that over and over again!

And how many people actually know that the games on facebook, are NOT hosted or made by facebook? Did you know that many of those games have viruses and malware? I have talked with a few computer repair guys that have told me that 60% of the computers they repair have been infected from facebook games, that’s a huge amount! Do people really not learn?

Facebooks ads, do you like them? I did a test on those, I clicked the little x by ads that had to do with gambling, and said I did not want to see those anymore and are against my views. Guess what, I kept getting more ads about gambling, and even suggestions on gambling games! What is that about? Do they just not get it? Once I say something is against my views,  I should never see that kind of stuff again? And are they pointing under age kids to this stuff? All the ads and games should be put in categories, and when someone says that something is against their views, they should never see another from category. And just plan stop with all the suggestion crap. If I want to search out something and like it, I will, I sure don’t need your help facebook!

Now onto the facebook apps. What was wrong with just one facebook app? Now they have to have messenger app as well, and all must use that! WHY? Why are the idiots at facebook being so controlling? One app that does all, just like the old original app, that’s all we need! Just remove the crap from peoples news feeds and be done with it! Stop trying to push people into joining groups, liking pages, and adding people as friends who are NOT friends.

Ok, done with my rant for now, if you agree, please share :)

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Muddy trucks and babes, dayom I need to go there!

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